The huedel function removes Philips HUE devices from a HUE bridge using their device serial number. This is necessary if you want to connect the device to another bridge.

Note: All hue function use curl commands to communicate with the HUE bridge. Please make sure it is installed. Curl is available for all major operating systems.

See also: huenew, huecon, huelamps, hueset, huesearch, huename, hueadd


r = huedel(serial,bridgenr,mode)


rIs the response struct.
serialSpecifies the device’s serial number(s) to be added:
– string or char for single devices
– cell array with string or char for multiple devices
Defines to which bridge the device will be added, default: 1.
mode'secure' (default) or 'allow-insecure' if a secure connection is not possible.


Remove device with ID number 4:

r = huedel(4)

Remove devices with numbers 4 and 7 from bridge number 2:

r = huedel([4 7],2)


Signify Netherlands B.V.: Philips HUE API version 1. High Tech Campus 48, Eindhoven; Netherlands, 2014.

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