The huecon function lists all available Philips HUE bridges. If no connection is established so far, huecon will call the huenew function to create a new bridge connection

Note: All hue function use curl commands to communicate with the HUE bridge. Please make sure it is installed. Curl is available for all major operating systems.

See also: huenew, huelamps, huesearch, hueadd, hueset, huename


c = huecon(bridgenr)


cReturns a cell array with all available HUE bridge connections, containing:
ip – gives the bridge’s IP address
user – gives the username for that bridge
id – gives the bridge’s ID
cer – gives the bridge’s used certificate name
Specifies which HUE bridge connection should be returned.


Show HUE bridge connections details:

c = huecon

Exemplary result:

  [1,1] =

    scalar structure containing the fields:

      ip = 192.168.XXX.XXX
      user = ABCDEFGHIJKLMN-abcdefghijklmn-1234567890
      id = 0123456789abcdef
      cer = hue_cacert_0123456789abcdef.pem



Signify Netherlands B.V.: Philips HUE API version 1. High Tech Campus 48, Eindhoven; Netherlands, 2014.

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